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I'm a trained professional union actor who loves creating, watching and reading stories.

I write a blog about my experience of moving from a big pond to small one and back again, living with anxiety and depression, and resurrecting my old dream of being a writer. I’ve worked on stage and screen in New York and across the country. I have modeling experience and am featured in a number of collections of New York photographers. My husband and I have a small production company where we write and shoot our own short films and sketches called Pretty Beard Productions. We’ve won several awards for our work.

I have a deep love for all things Peter Pan and the magic of believing. I have a bond with beer and cheese that can not be broken. I believe travel is the best education we can give ourselves. I love books more than most people and museums are my happy place.

Currently, I am back in New York with my husband and our two queenly cats, Daenerys and Cleopatra writing my first novel.